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Here at Ever Unique, we offer a wide range of services and opportunities, from group workshops, 1:1 sessions,  school and youth group collaboration, all which can be catered to your needs.


Weekly Classes

We offer a range of weekly classes and rehearsals for live productions.

Locations: Ballymena and Coleraine.


 Read more about our classes and productions. Coming soon to a town near you!



We can provide seminars to youth clubs, companies and community groups on the following topics:

- Team and Confidence Building

- Mental Health and Well-Being

- Social Media Awareness

- Anti-Bullying

- Introduction to Acting

- Conflict Resolution 

To request more information, contact us today.


We host regular events, both online and in person.

Ever Unique Productions can also host events for youth groups, community organisations or special occasions. To request more information, contact us.

School Workshops

We offer bespoke educational and issue based seminars. Our workshops are unique due to their interactive and fun nature. The blend of group work, discussion and games create a relaxed environment. We offer workshops in the following areas: 

- Healthy Relationships 

- Anti-Bullying 

- Confidence and Resilience

- Social Media Awareness

We can also write a programme catered especially to your school's needs.

1:1 Sessions

We can offer private lessons over Zoom, or in person. These sessions can help with the following:

- LCM Acting Exams

- Interview or audition Prep

- Confidence Building

- Performing Arts Tutoring

- Corporate communication and confidence coaching

To request more information, simply get in touch.

Community Projects

We want to make a real difference with the communities that need it most. We can partner up with your group and facilitate a scheme which is catered to your needs. We can run schemes around team building, screen acting, podcast or film creation or performance production. 

We can work with your group to create something they will love!

Get in touch today to take the first step in collaborating with us.


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