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Masks, bubbles, clapping, zoom, the news, STAY AT HOME.


More of the same.

Setting up Ever Unique in the middle of a pandemic was one of the hardest things we could have possibly done. We faced mountain after mountain. All the plans we had were shattered but we weren’t going to let any of this stop us. We had a vision, a way of creating something unique for young people in a virtual way.

In December 2020, we developed an idea of offering a workshop looking back on 2020. Instead of looking at all we had lost out on, looking at what we had gained. A positive spin on a year like no other.

This presented itself as, A View of 2020: what lies ahead? This physical theatre workshop looked at the year and showed the young people what they had gained. Each individual received a mystery pack full of challenges and goodies. It explored the themes of time, new ways to be creative, finding something worth fighting for and friendship. Using voice clips provided by local industry professionals, sharing one positive they took from 2020 as a stimulus for creation. We created several movement sequences and performances over Zoom that was recorded. Combining this footage with the voice recordings came our debut performance, albeit virtually.

Cut to January 2021. More restrictions. But again creativity prevailed. Due to the major success of the 2020 workshop and the reception to our online performance, we decided to run a follow up workshop. A View of 2021: what lies ahead? Again, taking a focus on positivity and how to go into a new year with a positive mindset. We explored gratitude, comedy, things to look forward to and visualisation. Again, with our much-loved mystery packs full of challenges and this time a sensory seaside bag. Covid could have stopped our company doing anything. We could have just said no, we will wait till this all passes before doing anything. But that isn’t our style. We had adapted and prospered.

In the face of adversity, we had still touched the hearts of 20 teenagers, made something that was watched by over 5000 people across the country and created a reputation full of positivity and professionalism.



We’ll have more of the same please.

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