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The Ever Unique Story...

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

In 2020 when the world was falling apart, in a small coffee shop in Ballymoney an idea was ignited. Many voice notes, walks and gym sessions later Ever Unique Productions was born. Out of the minds of two women from the North Coast of Northern Ireland, the desire for a unique place for young people to learn, nourish and create pieces of theatre and film started to grow.

Fast forward a few months and Ever Unique officially opened its door (even if it was virtually) to the young people of the North Coast. We are continuing to grow and reach more young people but we have our eyes set on the stars and want to continue to impact young people with everything we do. Our ethos is to be an educational theatre company committed to providing young people with the confidence and creativity to grow into well-rounded young adults. We believe we can provide a safe place for young people to learn new skills, to nourish their journey of discovery and create unique pieces of theatre and film. Through the power of drama we aim to address the issues prevalent in our young people's lives whilst moulding the actors of tomorrow.

Not only do we focus on creating great theatre and film, we offer LCM acting exams, private lessons, school seminars, youth and community group projects, interview and audition coaching, workplace team building seminars and video production services. Co-directed by Martina McAfee, Be Unique Drama School director and founder, and Hannah Reilly, award-winning freelance facilitator and director. Young people, this is for you ...

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