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EUP Film Festival

In February 2021, we launched a brand new 3 Level Screen Acting course. This consisted of three, 4 week courses split into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. At the end of all three courses, individuals would have a sound knowledge of the screen acting world and a certificate to show for it.

In our final lesson of our beginners class, we presented the talented young people with the challenge of making their own mini movie trailers. The only guidance we gave them was that the plot was that they received a mystery box on their doorstep. Armed with all the skills we had given them in previous weeks, the beginning of their story and lots of creativity, they went off to make their trailers.


SO impressed that we had to share their trailers with you. Therefore we present to you our very talented Beginners Screen Acting class and the future screen actors and filmmakers of tomorrow. We hope you enjoy these 10 very different trailers. Pop your feedback in the comments section!

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